GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TheHost.BG “Iti Factors” LTD, current as of 14.07.2022.

The shared hosting service aims to offer the use of the resources of a single server by a certain number of users. In order to avoid the consumption of too many resources by one user at the expense of others, the following restrictions are introduced for each individual hosting package: space, processor cores, virtual RAM memory, I/O operations.

The disk space provided by the Provider cannot be used solely for backup purposes. This applies only to services falling under the “Shared Hosting” and “Reseller Hosting” category. The space can only be used for the needs of the websites that are hosted on the User’s hosting account. Users who violate these terms will be notified by email and given 24 hours to take appropriate action. If the violation is not stopped within the given time, the hosting account will be suspended.

Доставчикът не носи отговорност за промени, които са причинено от допълнителни софтуери като cPanel, Litespeed, Softaculous и други.

The provider is not responsible for the correct operation or restrictions that are provided by third parties such as cPanel, Litespeed, Softaculous and others.

The provider strictly prohibits the following type of content, such as files or links, on the hosted websites:

  1. Torrent links (Torrent tracker)
  2. Software for sending SPAM messages
  3. Pornographic publications
  4. File download
  5. Background processes (proxy server, chat sessions)
  6. IRC, psyBNC and similar applications
  7. Hacking programs or archives
  8. Warez content
  9. Rating sites and systems, platforms for file/image sharing
  10. Scripts or programs aimed at DDoS (Denial of Service)
  11. Copyright infringing content
  12. Content violating the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and/or European legal norms or Directives

Sending mass, commercial e-mail messages (Commercial Messages) over the Internet (also called SPAM) from servers belonging to the Provider is prohibited, and upon detection of such and upon detection of a SPAM offender, the Provider will remove the User (account) without warning. Any subsequent solicited or unsolicited commercial message after 200/300/500 (two hundred/three hundred/five hundred, respectively on TheHost-One, TheHost Pro, and TheHost MAX) sent within 1 hour or more than 20 e-mail messages in 1 minute, whether sent through an e-mail software application on the User’s computer or through a web-based software application such as phpList / ccMail or others. The hourly email limit for all Reseller accounts and sub-accounts is 200 per hour.

In case of sending unsolicited messages through contact or registration forms, the Provider reserves the right to limit the customer’s e-mail service.

Users are deemed to be informed that too fast or too massive sending of e-mails may result in unpleasant restrictions from global e-mail providers such as Microsoft / Yahoo / Google. In case of systematic restriction of global e-mail providers, the Provider has the right to penalize the user and limit his service in order to minimize damage to the reputation of his IP resources.

Semi-Managed VPS is a service in which the User gets full access to the Virtual Server ordered by him and manages it independently. This includes both the content itself that is uploaded to the server, as well as the adjacent Operating System, system services and others.

In the event of a problem, the User has the right to ask the Provider for a possible solution. If possible, except in cases where assistance would constitute excessive efforts, the latter may take action, but is not obliged to do so.

The provider is not responsible for the content located on this type of service, which is managed by the user himself.

Managed VPS where the User gets limited or full access to it. Care of the server itself, operating system, system services and others are taken over by the Provider. Also, if technically necessary, the server software, operating system, control panel or others can be installed, changed and updated in order to ensure the optimal and secure functioning of the service.

The Provider is not responsible for the content that the User has placed on this service.

Answering and addressing questions/requests through our ticketing system –

The Provider endeavors to respond to an inquiry promptly. In the event that a response has not been received within 60 minutes, due to a technical and/or other objective reason, a response to the inquiry will be sent as soon as the objective obstacle to feedback has been removed.

The provider undertakes to scan and review with anti-virus and other available programs the content of customers who use Shared Hosting.

The User agrees to be solely responsible for his files and their condition if he uses a VPS Hosting service without support from the Provider (Semi-Managed VPS).

The User agrees to be solely responsible for his files and their condition if he uses a Leased Server without support from the Provider.

User agrees that limitation or interruption of its service, whether VPS or Leased Server, may be caused by failure to adequately maintain the service.

The Provider provides the Daily Backup Service for Shared Hosting. The Provider’s platform performs several backups on its own equipment at a certain period at its own discretion. Typically up to 14 backups are saved.

The Supplier keeps the archives made by itself for its needs in case of force majeure, occurrence of technical problems in the Supplier’s equipment, actions or inactions of third parties and organizations aiming to harm the Supplier.

The provider reserves the right to exclude files of large size, specific extensions /tgz, rar, zip, mp3, mp4, avi, iso, bakm mov, sql, gz and others/ or certain directories when creating backup copies and files uploaded with a backup purpose to avoid system load.

The user agrees that each of his actions may be recorded in system logs.

The user agrees that any malicious action against the system or against the security of the system may result in the deactivation of his service.

The user is responsible for all actions that third parties may perform using his key or password.

The provider is not responsible for service interruptions that are not his fault, for example:

  1. A problem caused by a user who violated the terms of use of the services and caused a limitation of the connectivity offered for general use;
  2. A problem caused at the hardware level that cannot be controlled and fixed in the normal 50-60 minutes;
  3. Problem caused by attacks (DDOS) or incorrect user settings;

The provider is not responsible in cases related to triggering/reaching server restrictions, in which security systems automatically temporarily ban pages, as well as when internal systems temporarily limit access to an Internet page, in order to preserve the quality of the offered service.

The Provider undertakes to review the exact reason why access to the service has been interrupted and to do everything possible to help the User to resolve the problem.

The Provider undertakes to explain in detail the reason for all interruptions of the services that the User uses.

The Provider is not responsible if the User cannot establish a connection to its service, unless the reason lies with the Provider itself.

The supplier is not responsible for the occurrence of force majeure circumstances such as fire, flood, extraordinary circumstances, war, blockade, earthquake and others.

The Customer is obliged to conduct any correspondence with third parties with whom it has a contractual relationship in the resolution of a problem related to the applications hosted on the Provider’s servers. The Supplier may request additional information, aimed at supplementing the one initially submitted by the Customer and whose purpose is to further clarify the cause of the incident or problem that has arisen.

In order to use the Services provided, the User should register by providing the necessary information when filling out the registration form and pay the corresponding subscription fee.

The supplier issues an invoice, which is sent to the specified electronic address /email/ in the registration form. When paying by card, you can receive a receipt in our office or by mail at your expense, or it can be sent by email to the email address specified in the registration form. In the absence of an express request to send the issued cash receipt by courier within the day of payment of the subscription fee, as well as in case of not visiting our office, in the same period, in order to physically receive the issued cash receipt, the User conclusively agrees the cash receipt should be sent to the electronic address specified in the registration form, with which the commitment to provide a cash receipt by the supplier is considered fulfilled.

The Provider is not responsible in cases where the data provided by the User is wrong, incomplete or inaccurate and this has led to the refusal of registration.

The Provider gives the User the opportunity to renew the period for which the domain chosen by the User is registered, and before the expiration of the period of registration of the domain requested by the User, the Provider sends reminder e-mails to the e-mail address specified by the User.

The email address specified by the User is considered the official address for correspondence and all letters sent to it are considered regularly delivered.

The provider is not responsible if, after the registration period has expired, the domain name has been claimed and/or registered by a third party, the price for a new registration or renewal is higher, the domain does not function or is deleted from the registers because The user has not paid in time to extend the term of his registration.

A domain cannot be transferred out before it has reached 60 days from the date of registration, and after it has expired or less than two weeks remain before the expiration date.

The provider does not offer the registration of premium domains.

Some domain extensions have a grace period during which the domain name can be renewed at its standard price. The supplier does not determine the presence or absence of such a period, as well as its duration.

The provider is not responsible in case the registrar imposes a penalty fee for the renewal of a domain name after its expiration period. A fee is determined by the Chief Registrar, and the User is obliged to familiarize himself with the conditions set by the Chief Registrar. By submitting an application for domain registration, the User accepts the terms and conditions of the Chief Registrar.

The provider undertakes to save the content of temporarily suspended accounts to shared hosting services for 45 days. The storage time of data on virtual servers that are not renewed or suspended is 30 days.

The materials provided on this website, including without limitation all editorial materials, photographs, illustrations and other graphic materials, names, logos, trademarks and service marks, are the property of Provider and are protected by copyright law and other intellectual property laws.

The provider reserves the right to limit or completely exclude sites that use someone else’s intellectual property for one reason or another on their website without the consent of the real owner, who may offer this property for a fee.

The provider does not provide any information about its customers to third parties (except the public domain information) unless requested by the official authorities, courts, and prosecutors. The User agrees that the Provider will use the provided personal data for the purpose of delivery and maintenance of the offered services.

Written or oral correspondence between the parties is confidential and may not be published in print or electronic media (including Internet sites).

The provider is not responsible for changing the type or functionality of external providers.

In connection with the provision of services to our customers remotely and electronically and according to the legislation in force in the country, the agreement to the general conditions in the ordering process has the force of a contract concluded at a distance. Submitting a domain registration application constitutes a conclusive act of acceptance of the general terms and conditions.

Possible payment methods on the site are – Credit/Debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.

All payments are final and non-refundable upon cancellation of purchased services.

The legal entity providing the services:

It Factories Ltd
EIK: 204636909
VAT number: BG204636909
Address: Plovdiv, 2 Lebed St
MALL: Gennady Petkov