About Us

It Factory Ltd. and TheHost.bg are a young team of web hosting enthusiasts and have been in the Bulgarian market since 2017. Each of the proven specialists in the team has many years of experience in the professional field.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service at the best price. We find challenges a driving force in our work and company growth. For us, providing innovative and above all flexible solutions to our customers is of particular importance, and something we are really proud of.


Trusting us you get protection and security of your data:

Earthquake – load-bearing capacity, stability, and durability of building structures and the earth’s foundation under operational and seismic loads according to the requirements of the EMS – IX degree according to the EMS (European Macroseismic Scale).

Power supply – Two completely independent “dual active” power supply transformers with a capacity of 1 MW each, operating in a redundancy scheme (2N), connected to two independent substations.

Fully independent power supply (UPS) system in redundancy scheme 2 x (N+1): A UPS (N+1) + B UPS (N+1) with assured autonomous operation in “battery” mode – 15 min. at 100 % load.

Diesel generators for back-up power supply, in a redundancy scheme (N+1) with fuel tanks sufficient for 72 hours of autonomous operation at 100% load.

Connectivity to the data center is via two independent incoming cable lines entering the data center from two alternate routes, as well as two independent internal cabling routes from the customer equipment to the two areas for connecting to other customers/service providers MMRs (Meet-me -Room).

Automatic fire alarm system, including a system for early detection of the presence of smoke – VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus);

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